March 31, 2013

LIFE | dear mr easter bunny

easter1 photo EasterEggs_zpsbce4500c.jpg easter2 photo EasterEggs2_zps6d8019c9.jpg  photo EasterEggs3_zps24d5d06c.jpg easter4 photo EasterEggs4_zps082771eb.jpg

Dear Mr. Easter Bunny, can I trade my chocolate eggs for shoes?

Happy Easter everyone!

And happy day-I-leave-for-Rome for me :p - yes indeed, today I'll fly to Rome where I will stay the next four days .. Stay tuned for photo diary overload!

March 29, 2013

LIFE | spring travel #1

 photo P1040173_zpsf207eece.jpg  photo P1040188_zps349e8b97.jpg  photo P1040197_zps69feae4c.jpg  photo P1040220_zpsbb5df9e6.jpg  photo P1040241_zps8765ea38.jpg  photo P1040239_zpsfa29dc5b.jpg  photo P1040236_zps2d5ef3e6.jpg  photo P1040247_zps8cb3e4ec.jpg

Spring is supposed to be upon us so I start to long for some more outside movement. As I love to travel, I channel my inner tourist as soon as there's no(t too much) rain. 

That's exactly what I did last Sunday when I hopped on the train to Antwerp (only one and a half hour away from where I live) to meet the boyfriend for some fake-tourist fun. I'm not going to start to explain where we've been, as I'm the most random city-explorer in the world and we literally haven been everywhere. 

Luckily I had my camera (obviously) so this is what you are looking at:

1, 2 & 3: 'Het Rockoxhuis' is the house of Nicolaas Rockox, a wealthy mecenas and art collector from the 16th - 17th century. He was a close friend of the Flemish painter Rubens. Currently there's an exhibition going on in this house called 'The Golden Cabinet', which has to evoke an art cabinet of Rockox' time. As you can see, I was especially interested in the beautiful light that came from the stained glass windows.

4: Another - happy faced - window and my photobombing, green tiger sweater wearing reflection.

5, 6 & 7: Momade Cupcakes (we ate ours so fast I couldn't even take a picture, that's how delicious they were!) I tasted the lime and ginger cupcake, the boy went with a double chocolate one. Both sublime treats!

8: I have no idea, this is just one of the gazillion pics I took from random streets, people and houses I liked. But I'll spare you and show you just one x)

So, how's your inner tourist? Still dying to get out, or have you been travelling (in- or outside your country) already this 'spring'?

March 27, 2013

LOOK | you're in the army now

 photo P1040474_zpsdb3a5bfd.jpg  photo P1040477_zps9eb10afa.jpg khaki3 photo P1040485_zps69fb57ea.jpg
Camo skinnies: Topshop Tall | Belt: Massimo Dutti | Beanie and semi-sheer shirt: H&M | Snake necklace: Six | Nail polish: Gosh (616 Lazy Green) | My little sister's cactus

It's no secret I love the non-colours. Not only movies and photographs look good in black and white, I do well in them too! 

There are however some exceptions on this greyscale love affair of mine:
Nudes, mint (do you remember this post?) and burgundy can make my heart skip a beat as well. And then there's khaki. It never ceases to remind you of the army and those tropic suits people wear on safari. But somehow that's okay, and I wear it, over and over (and over?) again ..

Do you have colour love affairs that never tane? 

March 21, 2013

DIY | gem nacklace

 photo P1040422_zps14a01a62.jpg

The last time I plundered my mom's craft cupboard seems like years ago, but here it is, the long expected DIY: 

Ever since Carrie got that beautiful gem necklace from her 'Russian' Alexandr in the last episode of Sex & The City, I was completely wowed by the beauty of it. The plan of making one started to fade away with the girls, but when I saw a picture of Doutzen Kroes sporting an elegant gem necklace of her own I realised it was now or never, so I cut up an old necklace and started tinkering with some 'gems'. It was even easier than I expected - I'm a lazy DIY'er, you should know - and now it is mine! I can imagine wearing it with tons of other necklaces or sophisticated on its own. 

You can easily craft a necklace yourselves by following the instructions below or be even lazier than I am and buy one right here.
Let me know if you make one!

Left to right: You'll need a chain necklace you don't wear anymore, semi-gemstones, thin wire in the colour of your necklace, plier and scissors | Put your gems on a short piece of wire | Curl around the edges  loosely with the plier | Cut away the middle part of your necklace and watch the length carefully, this is where you'll put the gems. Put the wired up gems in the middle of your necklace by attaching the curled edges of the wire to the chain necklace. Make sure you secure all sides. All done!

GemNacklace1 photo P1040406_zps5000626a.jpgGemNecklace2 photo P1040410_zps089e71f4.jpg
GemNecklace3 photo P1040414_zps7bc31238.jpgGemNecklace4 photo P1040420_zpsc14d2359.jpg

March 09, 2013

LIFE | happy thoughts

I guess I've never had any trouble counting my blessings. I wrote my very first 'things that make me happy'-list in a new diary on my 7th birthday party and repeated the succes later on in many versions in letters, notebooks and social network profiles over the years. Although I am still pretty sure about what I want and about what makes my happiness along the way, it has been quite a while since I spent some time thinking about it. So here we go: today's small happy-list.

1. The new laptop sleeve my mom made me today. I bought a MacBook air about a month ago and it's so teeny tiny (such a relief!) that it made every sleeve look huuuge - until this one. So here it is, apple printed indeed - no pun intended! 

2. What's in it still fills me with pleasure almost every - awake - hour of the day as it is the best computer I've ever worked with, so happy-maker-number-2 is also in these pics.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic Image and video hosting by TinyPicImage and video hosting by TinyPic
Ph. by me & laptop sleeve by Mumaterial

3. Number three on the happy list is the blog I already talked you about. Ratatouille Bruxelloise is a blog on multiculturality in Brussels that a few fellow journalism students and I started about two weeks ago. The blog is updated every day and written in Dutch (but I'm sure the translate button will provide you non-Dutch-speakers a month worth of laughter ;))

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

4. Number four is this little neon-collection that's making me proud lately. I love how a neon accessory lights up even the dullest of outfits and lifts an already fashion forward look out of the mass instantly. 

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Top & both necklaces: H&M (the flower necklace you've already seen here) | Bracelet: Zara (seen here)

Although I could make an endless list of material and non-material stuff that had me smiling over the years, I think that would all get a little too self centered - even for a personal style blog like this one x)
So I leave you with this top 4.

& now, tell me about the things that've made your days lately, I'm curious!

March 04, 2013

LOOK | multifunctional

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Ph. by Ania

Coat in two fabrics: Zara | Blazer: Vero Moda (old) | Stripe knit: Zara (Sale) | Neon necklace: H&M | Random wedge sneakers | Lindemans beer (hah!)

Just a random outfit I wore to school, work and clubbing - one busy day!

Actually this shows all of my current favorites at once. At the risk of sounding absolutely ridiculous I have to say this neon necklace goes with everything. It is just that attention grabbing, nothing can compete, so I can wear it with virtually any piece in my wardrobe.

You have seen that stripy Zara knit too many times already for me to deny I wear it all the time (here & here for example). It really is that kind of basic that you don't remember missing before you had it .. The bi-material coat has a similar story, AND it is one of the first items I bought that is boyfriend-approved (because he went shopping with me), so I just can't NOT wear it ;)

And then those wedge sneakers: I've had them since 2011 and I still love every piece of velcro to bits (although they're really starting to look wore out damn it!), so I guess that's real wardrobe-love.

By the way: is it me, or do I wear too much khaki?