July 05, 2013

LIFE | all good things

.. can be replaced by even better (or other good) things!

My dearest readers,

Because of my internship and my other journalistic commitments, I won't have enough blogging-time left. And blogging - journalism seams like a rather hard combo to make after all. So this is where I leave you all, but it's no goodbye: see you in Belgian media everyone, stay on the lookout for my name line!

To be continued ..

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June 04, 2013

LIFE | journalist

 photo P1050897_zpseb5d5621.jpg  photo P1050905_zpsaec863c6.jpg

Finally the pedal point of my year has arrived, my internship at Veerle Windels' office. Veerle is a celebrated fashion journalist in Belgium - where I live, so I'm beyond excited to be granted a peek into her professional life. As I see this internship as a stepping stone to my career, there was no doubt about me needing some business cards. I don't have a portfolio website yet, so the cards are 'incomplete'. That's why I opted for a minimal design for now, until I have more of a 'house style'.

What do you guys think?

May 27, 2013

LOVE | haunting

 photo eb0dadfc2acc11e1a87612313804ec91_7_zpsda74dd91.jpg photo tumblrpastelombre_zps33e62ff9.jpg  photo tumbldream_zpsc75f1415.jpg  photo flaggarland_zpsa356efdb.jpg  photo tumblrPS11mini_zpsade84a62.jpg  photo typewriter_zpse5d19f7d.jpg  photo tumblrconverse_zps5251b135.jpg  photo tumblrvalentino_zpsc16b12e4.jpg  photo todayistomorrow_zps821d87c2.jpg  photo tumblrswallowtatt_zps9a122419.jpg photo tumblrtattoowander_zps339fc8d0.jpeg
Ph. via tumblr 

Images that sum up what's on my mind these days. Do you often skim the net for inspiring retina-food?

May 24, 2013

DIY | belted

 photo DIYmetouderiemen_zps2c0de771.jpg Image via Elle Streetstyle

Saw these boots streetstyled at Paris Fashion Week. 
I'll track down some cool vintage belts and a pair of dull boots, and these may just be my next DIY project ..

What do you think?

May 21, 2013

DIY | studded all star

 photo P1050802_zpsb17370be.jpg  photo P1050804_zps45ad56d2.jpg  photo P1050808_zps21397f7e.jpg photo P1050811_zps03f33006.jpg  photo P1050809_zps703308a8.jpg photo P1050813_zps2a00540e.jpg 
Trainers: Converse | Random studs | Nailpolish: Essie Cocktail Bling & random white polish

This DIY is one I've been planning to do for ages. I finally got around and I don't think I'll be tempted for quite some time now. Working with studs is a real pain, I tell you! I'm not a first-time-stud'er, but I tend to forget how they never cooperate. But if you keep on trying, you will win, I promise.

If you try this one - or have tried it already - it'll be great to see the results, so show me!

I love how my Converses have aged with me (they're seeing their third summer soon) and now I give them a second life with this punky look. So happy :)