January 30, 2013

LOOK | the one that got away


Ph. by Kim

Bouclé biker jacket with leather patches | Zara (further details here)

Apparently, I wasn't wide awake when I posted this look two weekends ago, as I forgot to post the one picture I really wanted to include (because of the jacket, that shows its boxy shape rather well in this image). And because I'm a narcissist and I like to think I look rather good in this picture.

So here's a rectification and one happy jacket, I can assure you x)

PS. Exams are over, be prepared for some serious DIY'ing soon!

January 28, 2013

LOVE | currently craving

Ph. linked webshops (sorry for the slightly blurred pictures, I'm having some pc trouble lately, but those who follow me on twitter know that replacement is on its way)

As the final sale items are flying out of (virtual) doors I'll show you my last sale (and occasionally new collection) cravings, all-but-one reasonably priced .. I guess this post gives away where I do most of my online shopping as well. This list contains those last cravings I always have at the end of a sale so I'm not planning to really buy these (to die for!) items - if I can control myself. A lot of what I did buy premiered in my previous outfit posts (here & here) but I will show you the rest of my sale booty later this week.

So here we go:

 1  Asos faux fur jacket with zipper and hood
 2  Asos mongolian faux fur cape
 3  Asos check biker jacket
 4  Asos check print backpack
 5  Asos aztek satchel bag
 6  3.1 Phillip Lim Pashli satchel (via Barneys, not on sale)
 7  Casio Classic retro watch (via Asos)
 8  Johnnie loves Suzie floral headband (via Asos)
 9  Asos collar necklace
11 Faith Sara ankle boots (via Asos)
12 Asos Close knee high boots (not on sale)

January 26, 2013

LOOK | leather panda

Ph. by Kim.

Panda jumper | Asos  -  Leather skirt | Mint&Berry via Zalando  -  Chuncky cardigan & hare necklace | H&M  -  Bag, bejuweled headband & bracelet | Zara (all on sale)  -  Watch | Michael Kors  -  Random ankle boots, tights & foxtail

It seems like the snow won't melt any time soon as it started snowing again today. I never thought that I would say this but I actually start to get used to the white view on the streets. My only complaint is that the white carpet ruins all of my shoes, as I stubbornly insist in wearing 'normal'  (as in: not snowproof) footwear every time I step out the door. 

These ankle boots already survived many surfaces, and now they conquered the snow. They're night-out-favorites, so I wore them on my bday yesterday, with my new leather skater skirt (read more about this acquisition here) and festive headband. 

I always feel fierce while wearing this leather skirt, but I guess leather just does that for you (must be the dominatrix-vibe it oozes out, highly addictive :p) ..
Happy weekend!

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January 25, 2013

LIFE | 25

Drawing by the lovely Marlou Saris (more about Marlou here), she captured my look quite right I guess - bedankt!

Today is my birthday, I already lived a quarter of a century, seamed like no time at all ..
But I won't go all 'oh time does fly' on you, just wanted to wish you all a lovely day, because despite the exams, I am having one for sure! I virtually send all of you a piece of my mom's delicious ruhbarb cake, with candels, of course ..

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January 24, 2013

BEAUTY | bday nails

Polishes | Catrice 'am I blue or am I green?', random silver polish, Claires silver glitter

All I could do was smile when I received this cute (early) birthday card from Zeb-jeans. I was just trying a festive nail art to rock at my bday tomorrow when I got this in the mail - I'll be at home tomorrow, studying of course but its my party and I dress up if I want to right? 

Happy Thursday!

January 23, 2013

LOVE | mintspiration

First picture from the lovely Leeloo from Le dressing de LEELOO with a (indeed) Shourouk necklace.

Camera | Lomgraphy Dreamer Diana in mint (via Urban Outfitters)  -  Nail polishes | China Glaze, Catrice, Hema  -  Maxi skirt | Massimo Dutto SS2012  -  iPad sleeve used as clutch | Bershka (sale)  -  Earrings | vintage  -  Necklaces | thrift, River Island  -  Sneakers | Converse  -  Chair via google images  -  Mint macarons | picture here, recepe here (yep, macarons are omnipresent)

I've always been a sucker for sweet candy colors and mint has been one of my favorites for years. But these last couple of weeks it is becoming a serious problem as I seem to be longing for (and buying) everything mint that catches my eye. I guess you could say I'm 'slightly' color-obsessed. To turn this situation into a profitable one, I decided to share some of my carefully cherished mint treasures - some old, some new - and some of my cravings that I will welcome in my collection soon - hey, a girl can hope!

January 22, 2013

LIFE | reward

After loads of tasks and three exams I thought I deserved a little break ..
But now, back to business!

January 20, 2013

SHOES | black or black?

Creepers | New Look  -  Wedge sneakers | Asos

Black or black? That's the question I ask myself almost every day when I'm deciding on footwear (which is serious business if you ask me!).

Today's snow is even more beautiful than yesterday's. It is a powdery substance that didn't even stick to my shoes for more than a few seconds, just the perfect photo prop for these two pairs of black soles. They aren't brand new but I wanted to show them to you anyway. I wear these practically on a daily basis because both pairs are so comfortable, yet give that much desired extra height.

- not for me though, as I am 1.88m / 6ft2inches tall (barefoot), I just love how heels and sturdy soles make my legs look ..

January 19, 2013

LOOK | snow blue

Ph. by Kim.

Jacket | Zara (sale)  -  Jeans | Topshop Tall  -  Boots | Asos FW 2011  -  Necklace | Friis&Company  -  Headband | DIY  -  Hairy chain bag | DIY (instructions on my previous blog, here)

What I was wearing on this snowy day - the shoes weren't the best choice I ever made. As much as I hate cold (especially after I sat down on that snow covered bench), snow never ceases to stun me, so of course I couldn't resist taking pictures in our sugar coated garden.

My boyfriend premiered today as additional blog photographer by shooting outfit pics for the very first time, I think he did really well. Any thoughts?

January 16, 2013

LOVE | electro bird

Image via google images here

I just recently discovered French jewellery designer Shourouk Rhaiem (shop Shourouk here or here), I know, where have I been right .. Anyhow, since my 'awakening' (haha) many of her designs - especially the bold and colorful necklaces - have blown my mind and now I'm obsessed by some a lot of her pieces. The one I love the most is the necklace above called Electro Bird. Sadly there is no way of getting it anymore as it is sold out everywhere for months. That, and I might prove to be just a little too broke right know to handle an investment like this.

So I've decided - very bravely - to try to DIY this fabulous necklace (this DIY by Lucette et Suzette shows that something like it cán be done) .. Lets get those beads out!

But first things first, exams ..

January 15, 2013

NEW IN | panda

Panda jumper | Asos  -  Leather skater skirt  | Mint&Berry  -  Snake necklace | Six

While studying for my exams, I couldn't help but regretting all the good sale-stuff I was missing out on. Every minute I stared at my books I thought about one thing only: shopping. So to stop the annoying voice in my head, I did the only thing one could do in such a situation. I opened my Asos wishlist and started selecting what I really really wanted / needed. Making outfits in my head (don't look at me like that, you know you do so as well!) I realised there was one thing missing, one that Asos couln't provide (at a reasonable price). A leather skater skirt. The missing piece ..

So I got it now, right here and I couldn't be happier! I already wore it out at one occasion, combined it with flat biker boots and I felt like a true punk princess (in a completely-not-geeky-not-nineties way) the entier evening.

But that might have been my imagination, running wild ahead .. It does that sometimes ..

On another note: more panda here.

January 08, 2013

NAILS | matte

Hema notebooks - Essie Coctail Bling - Catrice matte topcoat

Matte topcoat is the newest addition in a row of occasional nail-obsessions. I love how it transforms every polish I own in something more autumn / winter proof. One coat of matte is enough to give dark colours a velvety finish, in brighter colours - like this lavender Essie polish - it brings out a smoky quality I became quite fond of these last few weeks.

January 03, 2013

META | nomadism

First & third picture design by Inez An for Nomadism, second picture Google Images

You – sweetest, smartest, most stylish readers of this planet and beyond – might know me from the forever silenced blogbymissoh.blogspot.com. This is because BbMO was my first blog-baby, baby steps in blogosphere towards the here and now, Nomadism. It was a baby I never wanted to give up, but Blogger felt the need to earn and I didn’t feel a need to pay, so let’s say it was a matter of contradictory interests. BbMO had to die. Although I kept in touch through Twitter, I know I pretty much have to start over today. I can only hope you will all find your way to Nomadism right here.

Only a while ago, I started university again. I’m in for a Master’s degree in Journalism this time (after I graduated as an art and theatre scientist two lifetimes - excuse me – years ago). I presume this blog will support my studies as well as the other way around.

On an even brighter note, I plan to be omnipresent (or almost) and allow you to indulge on a (hopefully smart and highly desirable) DIY every once in a while. Other than that, the menu will contain outfit posts, a bit of nail art, newly discovered must-haves, my personal opinion on everything several usable and unusable (fashion related) topics – how vain! – and excerpts from my mind, my studies, my life and the clothes I live it in – once again, how terribly vain! 

That is all I can do, the rest is up to you. Read me, like me, love me, tweet me, follow me, hype me and most of all, enjoy me. What a journey.