March 04, 2013

LOOK | multifunctional

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Ph. by Ania

Coat in two fabrics: Zara | Blazer: Vero Moda (old) | Stripe knit: Zara (Sale) | Neon necklace: H&M | Random wedge sneakers | Lindemans beer (hah!)

Just a random outfit I wore to school, work and clubbing - one busy day!

Actually this shows all of my current favorites at once. At the risk of sounding absolutely ridiculous I have to say this neon necklace goes with everything. It is just that attention grabbing, nothing can compete, so I can wear it with virtually any piece in my wardrobe.

You have seen that stripy Zara knit too many times already for me to deny I wear it all the time (here & here for example). It really is that kind of basic that you don't remember missing before you had it .. The bi-material coat has a similar story, AND it is one of the first items I bought that is boyfriend-approved (because he went shopping with me), so I just can't NOT wear it ;)

And then those wedge sneakers: I've had them since 2011 and I still love every piece of velcro to bits (although they're really starting to look wore out damn it!), so I guess that's real wardrobe-love.

By the way: is it me, or do I wear too much khaki?

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