March 09, 2013

LIFE | happy thoughts

I guess I've never had any trouble counting my blessings. I wrote my very first 'things that make me happy'-list in a new diary on my 7th birthday party and repeated the succes later on in many versions in letters, notebooks and social network profiles over the years. Although I am still pretty sure about what I want and about what makes my happiness along the way, it has been quite a while since I spent some time thinking about it. So here we go: today's small happy-list.

1. The new laptop sleeve my mom made me today. I bought a MacBook air about a month ago and it's so teeny tiny (such a relief!) that it made every sleeve look huuuge - until this one. So here it is, apple printed indeed - no pun intended! 

2. What's in it still fills me with pleasure almost every - awake - hour of the day as it is the best computer I've ever worked with, so happy-maker-number-2 is also in these pics.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic Image and video hosting by TinyPicImage and video hosting by TinyPic
Ph. by me & laptop sleeve by Mumaterial

3. Number three on the happy list is the blog I already talked you about. Ratatouille Bruxelloise is a blog on multiculturality in Brussels that a few fellow journalism students and I started about two weeks ago. The blog is updated every day and written in Dutch (but I'm sure the translate button will provide you non-Dutch-speakers a month worth of laughter ;))

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4. Number four is this little neon-collection that's making me proud lately. I love how a neon accessory lights up even the dullest of outfits and lifts an already fashion forward look out of the mass instantly. 

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Top & both necklaces: H&M (the flower necklace you've already seen here) | Bracelet: Zara (seen here)

Although I could make an endless list of material and non-material stuff that had me smiling over the years, I think that would all get a little too self centered - even for a personal style blog like this one x)
So I leave you with this top 4.

& now, tell me about the things that've made your days lately, I'm curious!

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Angela said...

so pretty bracelet!!
like your look)

Angela Donava