April 29, 2013

LOOK | semi-spring

 photo P1040988_zps3bac6edb.jpg  photo P1040989_zps6f6f1fc4.jpg  photo P1050098_zps84ae2393.jpg Ph. by Kim 

Shorts: H&M | Panda sweater: Asos | Random boots, scarf and glasses | Necklace: Hema

Another semi-spring outfit, can't wait for a steady, sunny day ..

Summary of the weekend: dusted off my longboard yesterday, ill on the couch today (with a preview on Saturday). Let us all pray for bikini (or at least longboard-in-shorts) weather!

April 24, 2013

LIFE | when in rome #3

 photo P1040921_zpsa0a18610.jpg  photo P1040938_zpsb3adad4c.jpg  photo P1040940_zpsde8905f8.jpg photo P1040962_zpsa8c0ac61.jpg  photo P1040964_zps25de25ea.jpg  photo P1040968_zps9c3510b6.jpg  photo P1040999_zps70d739fe.jpg  photo P1050026_zps26173e25.jpg  photo P1050111_zpse61534c0.jpg  photo P1050080_zpsb243da9c.jpg  photo P1050084_zps34ed2003.jpg  photo P1050161_zpsdb4b3a39.jpg  photo P1050158_zps3fb28034.jpg
Ph. by Kim & I (sounds like a cheesy movie, right?)

Welcome on day 4 of my Rome-trip (I promise we're almost through x)). This was the only sunny day we had, so the boyfriend and I didn't do much but enjoying ourselves and spraining our necks while staring at the Pantheon's oculus (awesome light on a sunny day - though I heard the Pantheon is quite majestic with the rain pouring through the roof as well).

These images of the trattoria where we ate the best breakfast ever, views from the Spanish Steps, the Pantheon, tiny cars, funny notes, cosy streets and awesome staircases are all pretty self explanatory, so I just leave you with this.

Oh, and go eat some ice cream (gelato, to keep the Italian vibe), the weather is great!

April 21, 2013

LOOK | trevi-tastic

 photo P1040801_zpsd3af3d43.jpg  photo P1040803_zps0568b1b6.jpg  photo P1040804_zps55725a4d.jpg  photo P1040800_zpsa283e7bd.jpg  photo P1040806_zps224abc47.jpg
Ph. by Kim

Jeans, denim shirt and necklace: H&M | Jacket: Zara | Bag: Pimkie | Watch: Casio | Spikey hair comb: Asos | Random longsleeve & boots

This is the outfit I crossed the city in on our second full day we were in Rome. That day we went to visit the Fontana di Trevi (yep, these aren't just any rocks!), Vatican City and Castel Sant' Angelo. You can find pictures of that day right here.

April 17, 2013

LIFE | when in rome #2

 photo 3_zps3dd8c1e7.jpg  photo IMG_0179_zps3bc361ed.jpg  photo 11_zps480019a0.jpg  photo P1040599_zps5e6b7aa5.jpg  photo 1_zpsf87ab52a.jpg  photo IMG_0242_zpse85059e7.jpg  photo 2_zps15f8fe4e.jpg  photo P1040696_zpsd588f9d3.jpg  photo 7_zpse1f267bf.jpg  photo P1040659_zpsb0ee5756.jpg  photo IMG_0422_zps63e5da88.jpg  photo 5_zps9b05c9e9.jpg RomeMon6 photo IMG_0332_zpsd68d2e4b.jpg  photo 14_zpsff654c89.jpg  photo 12_zpsc0841139.jpg RomeTuesday photo IMG_0816_zps6d519cfb.jpg  photo 8_zpsdb85b3ab.jpg  photo IMG_0636_zps5173b83a.jpg  photo 4_zpsa9c555f6.jpg  photo IMG_0871_zpsf02b5b1c.jpg  photo 6_zpsbb842b49.jpg  photo 9_zpsd8447d88.jpg RomeMon10 photo IMG_0148_zps954575bc.jpg  photo 10_zps4f63add5.jpg RomeTue9 photo IMG_0950_zps916181b0.jpg
Ph. by Laura, Lieze, Kim & me

These are a few impressions of my Rome-trip. Pictures here are taken the first two entire days I was there (images of the evening I arrived can you find in this post).

So, here goes ..

1, 2, 3, 11 & 12: Rome streets and cars - absolute love (sick parking skills come with the tiny cars, I'm sure)
4: Fresh artichokes in a street
5 & 6: My little sister and I on Capitole Hill
7, 8 & 9: Awesome details
10: Circus Maximus, or what is left of it, a big empty jog-walhalla
13: Romelus & Remus (mythical founders of Rome)
14 & 15: Souvenir, anyone?
16: Boyfriend's outfit details
17: Rome's subway net is quite clear and very deep underground (to not disturb the archaeology I guess). So we used it, a lot (the busses are great as well!)
18, 19 & 20: Amphitheatrum Flavium a.k.a. the Colosseum
21 & 22: Arch of Septimus Severus at Forum Romanum
23 - 28: Vatican City & St. Peter's
29-31: Nature in the city, it's spring all right!
32-36: Castel Sant' Angelo & Tiber river
37-40: Street views around Castel Sant' Angelo
41: This little heart I discovered in the pavement of the Piazza del Popolo describes my trip so well ;)

I still have some Rome looks and two days of 'touristism' in store for you - sorry for picture and Rome overload, but what to do with travel-happiness if you can't share it, right? x)