February 24, 2013

LOOK | fairy tale ending

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Image and video hosting by TinyPic Image and video hosting by TinyPic Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Ph. by Kim

Sheer Skirt | Massimo Dutti  -  Striped top, bejuwelled headband | Zara  -  Random coat & boots  -  Necklace | Friis & Company

After spending Friday and the entire weekend alternately on the couch and in bed with one of the worst God-Knows-whats (I should really start going to the doctor) I have ever had, I don't have a brand new post for you. But as it started snowing AGAIN today, so this older outfit has become relevant again - lucky me x). 

This barely-there fairy-like skirt doesn't do a thing to keep me warm, but I layered opaque tights underneath to make it winter proof. For short distances (as in: car to front door) these booties did there job. Longer walks would literally drive you mad as snow keeps accumulating underneath the leather soles, making you look like an experience-deprived ice skater, so I kept my black patent Doc Martins in sight.

Tomorrow, the blog me and a few fellow journalism students have been working on will launch. So I can already put the link up right here. As I'm living in Flanders (the Dutch-speaking part of Belgium) it will be in Dutch, but there will be lots of pictures and Google translate wil give you a great laugh! ;)

February 21, 2013

LIFE | military precision

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Ph. by Marlou Saris (for her wonderful blog: right this way).

Military jacket with faux fur lining | Topshop Tall  - Backpack | Urban Outfitters

Sorry for leaving you guys 'hanging' for such a long time. Busy with school projects (and other things, as seen on twitter here). 

In this pic I'm preparing for interviewing tourists in Brussels for the best school assignment ever, a blog I can't wait to present to you in the (very!) near future.  

In the meantime: stay warm - this jacket should do the trick - shopping in the boys-departement again, are we? ;)

February 13, 2013

LOOK | striped knit

Striped knit & bag | Zara  -  Chunky knit | old H&M  -  Skinnies | Topshop Tall  -  Necklace | Bershka  -  Wedge sneakers | ASOS

Still recovering from three days of awesome carnival festivities. Dressing as a normal human being (or even a semi-normal one) isn't high on my to do list at the moment so I leave you with an older outfit. This chunky knit cardigan is one of my favorite garments over the years, one of the few I keep wearing over and over.

Do you have pieces in your closet that travel with you season after season?

UPDATE on the previous post: pictures of the final carnival costume on my Twitter here!

February 10, 2013

PREVIEW | fruity fresh

As I live in a town where carnival is serious business (Aalst - Belgium, if you're interested in visiting), my latest project is an outfit in this fruity fabric. Not gonna spoil the surprise, but this is a preview to keep you curious (hah :p) .. 

Will be out of blogosphere for a few days, expect some party talk afterwards ;)

Meer over Carnaval Aalst hier (only in Dutch, my apologies)

UPDATE: pictures of the final costume on my Twitter here!

February 04, 2013

LIFE | manneken pis

Ph. by Marlou 

Coat | Zara  (on sale) -  Camo skinnies | Topshop Tall  -  Random wedge sneakers, bag & scarf
(Underneath my coat I hide a Zara striped knit, and H&M neon flower necklace.)

After my last exam I went for a walk through Brussels (where I study) with some fellow students. As I felt a bit like a tourist in my own country, I decided to slip between dozens of Japanese tourists to snap a pic with our capital's pride: Manneken Pis (read more about this little fella here).

I'm all bundled up so there's no way you can see my entire outfit. I'm sharing this with you anyway because that's how I've been looking lately, as exams equal cosy outfits. Just being honest ..

February 01, 2013

LOOK | neon'ish

Ph. by Kim

Black skinnies | Topshop Tall  -  Jumper | Jennyfer  -  Satchel bag | H&M  -  Creepers | New Look -  Juwellery | Zara  -  Watch | Michael Kors  -  Random longsleeve

I'm running a bit behind on posting outfits. I still have some snow looks in store for you after this one, while rainy Belgian weather already wiped out our snowy landscapes. So we will enjoy winter whites still a little longer on the blog :) ..

O, and don't mind the 'funny' pics, sometimes that just happens ..
(And yes it was freezing cold, hence the red face & hands ..)
PS. 1000 pageviews :) keep clicking!