April 29, 2013

LOOK | semi-spring

 photo P1040988_zps3bac6edb.jpg  photo P1040989_zps6f6f1fc4.jpg  photo P1050098_zps84ae2393.jpg Ph. by Kim 

Shorts: H&M | Panda sweater: Asos | Random boots, scarf and glasses | Necklace: Hema

Another semi-spring outfit, can't wait for a steady, sunny day ..

Summary of the weekend: dusted off my longboard yesterday, ill on the couch today (with a preview on Saturday). Let us all pray for bikini (or at least longboard-in-shorts) weather!


Render Sublime said...

omg, my weekend is so similar to yours. Took my longboard out on Saturday and was sick all day Sunday so had to rest... OK it was exactly the same. So creepy. Great outfit btw :) xx


Inez An said...

Hah, cool :) .. Glad you discovered the joys of longboarding!
Hope you're feeling better already?