April 09, 2013

LOOK | ballet skirt

BalletSkirt2 photo IMG_0014_zps0f58c171.jpg Rome3 photo IMG_0011_zpscc6b9396.jpg BalletSkirt5 photo IMG_0008_zps0c4c5c43.jpg  photo IMG_0010_zpsd3bbbc7c.jpg BalletSkirt4 photo IMG_0006_zpsab12b129.jpg
Ph. Laura

Coat: Vintage | Skirt: H&M (old) | Linen blazer & striped top: Zara Woman | Bag: Wang Rocco |  Glasses: Hans Anders | Boots: Asos (here) | Watch: Casio via Asos (here) | Rings & necklace: DIY

After a week on limited footwear (tourist suitcase living) I was over the moon to finally wear heels again. That's why I went all the way - outfit-wise - for a weekend with the boy.

First time ever without contacts (so with glasses) on the blog, never thought I'd 'see' (pun intended) this day as I used to hate wearing glasses in public for years. Used to, past tense indeed .. All of a sudden, I don't seem to mind to see and be seen with glasses at all. Maybe because I like my new pair so much :) ..

What do you think about glasses? And do you guys often change your minds about how you want to look?

As y'all see, I skipped Rome-posting for a day, waaay too many pictures to sort out in such a short while. More to come very soon, so stay tuned!


Angela said...

nice skirt )
like the bag!
have a nice day!
Angela Donava

Peet said...

You look good with glasses, babe, kind of like a sexy, naughty teacher, your boy was probably pleased.:)

Hope you find the courage to show your father that post.:D I showed the links to my mom and her reaction to the guy that tattooed his eyeballs was: "What are his grandchildren gonna think?!":) That's the thing - nothing, because they'll be used to it...

Render Sublime said...

omg this is so cute... LOVE your bag! xxx



Wat een mooie look zeg! Ik vind je rokje en tas heel tof :-)

xo The Daily Fashion Drug

Inez An said...

Thx for your sweet comments girls, you made my proverbial week! :)