April 17, 2013

LIFE | when in rome #2

 photo 3_zps3dd8c1e7.jpg  photo IMG_0179_zps3bc361ed.jpg  photo 11_zps480019a0.jpg  photo P1040599_zps5e6b7aa5.jpg  photo 1_zpsf87ab52a.jpg  photo IMG_0242_zpse85059e7.jpg  photo 2_zps15f8fe4e.jpg  photo P1040696_zpsd588f9d3.jpg  photo 7_zpse1f267bf.jpg  photo P1040659_zpsb0ee5756.jpg  photo IMG_0422_zps63e5da88.jpg  photo 5_zps9b05c9e9.jpg RomeMon6 photo IMG_0332_zpsd68d2e4b.jpg  photo 14_zpsff654c89.jpg  photo 12_zpsc0841139.jpg RomeTuesday photo IMG_0816_zps6d519cfb.jpg  photo 8_zpsdb85b3ab.jpg  photo IMG_0636_zps5173b83a.jpg  photo 4_zpsa9c555f6.jpg  photo IMG_0871_zpsf02b5b1c.jpg  photo 6_zpsbb842b49.jpg  photo 9_zpsd8447d88.jpg RomeMon10 photo IMG_0148_zps954575bc.jpg  photo 10_zps4f63add5.jpg RomeTue9 photo IMG_0950_zps916181b0.jpg
Ph. by Laura, Lieze, Kim & me

These are a few impressions of my Rome-trip. Pictures here are taken the first two entire days I was there (images of the evening I arrived can you find in this post).

So, here goes ..

1, 2, 3, 11 & 12: Rome streets and cars - absolute love (sick parking skills come with the tiny cars, I'm sure)
4: Fresh artichokes in a street
5 & 6: My little sister and I on Capitole Hill
7, 8 & 9: Awesome details
10: Circus Maximus, or what is left of it, a big empty jog-walhalla
13: Romelus & Remus (mythical founders of Rome)
14 & 15: Souvenir, anyone?
16: Boyfriend's outfit details
17: Rome's subway net is quite clear and very deep underground (to not disturb the archaeology I guess). So we used it, a lot (the busses are great as well!)
18, 19 & 20: Amphitheatrum Flavium a.k.a. the Colosseum
21 & 22: Arch of Septimus Severus at Forum Romanum
23 - 28: Vatican City & St. Peter's
29-31: Nature in the city, it's spring all right!
32-36: Castel Sant' Angelo & Tiber river
37-40: Street views around Castel Sant' Angelo
41: This little heart I discovered in the pavement of the Piazza del Popolo describes my trip so well ;)

I still have some Rome looks and two days of 'touristism' in store for you - sorry for picture and Rome overload, but what to do with travel-happiness if you can't share it, right? x)

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