January 15, 2013

NEW IN | panda

Panda jumper | Asos  -  Leather skater skirt  | Mint&Berry  -  Snake necklace | Six

While studying for my exams, I couldn't help but regretting all the good sale-stuff I was missing out on. Every minute I stared at my books I thought about one thing only: shopping. So to stop the annoying voice in my head, I did the only thing one could do in such a situation. I opened my Asos wishlist and started selecting what I really really wanted / needed. Making outfits in my head (don't look at me like that, you know you do so as well!) I realised there was one thing missing, one that Asos couln't provide (at a reasonable price). A leather skater skirt. The missing piece ..

So I got it now, right here and I couldn't be happier! I already wore it out at one occasion, combined it with flat biker boots and I felt like a true punk princess (in a completely-not-geeky-not-nineties way) the entier evening.

But that might have been my imagination, running wild ahead .. It does that sometimes ..

On another note: more panda here.


Borjana said...

Yeees!Can't wait to see you wearing it;)

Anonymous said...

Lovely outfit <33