January 16, 2013

LOVE | electro bird

Image via google images here

I just recently discovered French jewellery designer Shourouk Rhaiem (shop Shourouk here or here), I know, where have I been right .. Anyhow, since my 'awakening' (haha) many of her designs - especially the bold and colorful necklaces - have blown my mind and now I'm obsessed by some a lot of her pieces. The one I love the most is the necklace above called Electro Bird. Sadly there is no way of getting it anymore as it is sold out everywhere for months. That, and I might prove to be just a little too broke right know to handle an investment like this.

So I've decided - very bravely - to try to DIY this fabulous necklace (this DIY by Lucette et Suzette shows that something like it cán be done) .. Lets get those beads out!

But first things first, exams ..

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Anonymous said...

Really nice designer you mentioned!! I love the necklace <3