May 21, 2013

DIY | studded all star

 photo P1050802_zpsb17370be.jpg  photo P1050804_zps45ad56d2.jpg  photo P1050808_zps21397f7e.jpg photo P1050811_zps03f33006.jpg  photo P1050809_zps703308a8.jpg photo P1050813_zps2a00540e.jpg 
Trainers: Converse | Random studs | Nailpolish: Essie Cocktail Bling & random white polish

This DIY is one I've been planning to do for ages. I finally got around and I don't think I'll be tempted for quite some time now. Working with studs is a real pain, I tell you! I'm not a first-time-stud'er, but I tend to forget how they never cooperate. But if you keep on trying, you will win, I promise.

If you try this one - or have tried it already - it'll be great to see the results, so show me!

I love how my Converses have aged with me (they're seeing their third summer soon) and now I give them a second life with this punky look. So happy :)

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