January 20, 2013

SHOES | black or black?

Creepers | New Look  -  Wedge sneakers | Asos

Black or black? That's the question I ask myself almost every day when I'm deciding on footwear (which is serious business if you ask me!).

Today's snow is even more beautiful than yesterday's. It is a powdery substance that didn't even stick to my shoes for more than a few seconds, just the perfect photo prop for these two pairs of black soles. They aren't brand new but I wanted to show them to you anyway. I wear these practically on a daily basis because both pairs are so comfortable, yet give that much desired extra height.

- not for me though, as I am 1.88m / 6ft2inches tall (barefoot), I just love how heels and sturdy soles make my legs look ..


Borjana said...

Absolutely gorgeous,my dear!;-)

Anita said...

Great shoes! X